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Corum – Place To Share

19. aprile 2024

The new building project of Lifa Breisgau GmbH situated opposite the engine hall on the site of the former freight depot has now been given its official name: Corum.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the “place to share” of the future took place on 18 April 2024.

Construction work is set to begin on the plot of land owned by Lifa Breisgau GmbH directly opposite the historical engine hall in Freiburg-Nord at the end of the month. Here, a building complex certified by DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) with office spaces for a pioneering new type of working environment offering areas for project work, co-working, retail and food & drink outlets as well as three public spaces will be built over a floor space of some 8,900 square metres. This will be a place of exchange and sharing for regional companies and for local residents in the neighbourhood. The new building project was previously known under the name “Falk Campus“, the official name was now announced during the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony on 18 April 2024: Corum. Place To Share.

“Due to its central location on the site of the former freight depot, the site for the Corum building, with its close proximity to the engine hall, itself one of the most beautiful industrial landmarks in the City of Freiburg, was ideal for creating a new space for jobs that are fit for the future. Thanks to the combination of welcoming architecture with attractive green spaces, the food & drink outlets that will be open to the public and the planned cultural events, the new building will also be a place of encounters and exchange for the people who come and go there not just for their work”, explains Dr. Martin Falk, Shareholder of Lifa Breisgau GmbH. Carola Falk, who is also a Shareholder of Lifa Breisgau GmbH, adds: “Corum is to be a place of interaction and inspiration and is intended to show people first-hand how progress is the result of exchanges and sharing. It is important to us that it becomes a lively meeting point – for working, for living, and for culture in the area. One of the things we also talk about is that people who use the Corum building complex should feel that it is a high-quality, high-value way to spend their time. These are the things that Corum is all about – people coming together in a local focal point for exchanges and to share.”

The anchor tenant of the Corum building will be Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH and Falk Foundation e. V., with around 400 employees and approximately 250 work spaces. Further space of around 8,000 square metres, distributed over 4 floors, is earmarked for co-tenants who, in addition to their own rented space, will also be interested in shared use of certain areas in the building. In addition, two individual retail units are available, each with a floor space of 200 square metres. Event and meeting rooms for up to 300 people will also be available for bookings from external companies or external individuals. There will be a restaurant and a café that will both be open to the general public, plus a roof terrace that is intended to be a place of interaction as well.

Two years ago, the design for the Corum building complex that was submitted by architecture firm Cobe from Copenhagen in Denmark won the architectural design competition jointly hosted by the City of Freiburg and Lifa Breisgau GmbH, the company inviting for tenders for the design. Current project planning is handled by the consortium Cobe / Ernst². The work on the excavation pit, which will start at the end of April 2024, will be followed by geothermal works at the start of August. Construction of the shell of the building is due to begin at the end of October this year. The building owners are aiming to secure gold certification for Corum in accordance with the requirements of DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council). The results of the preliminary inspection and review showed that the prerequisites for gold certification are already being met during the planning phase of the building.


About Lifa Breisgau GmbH

Lifa Breisgau GmbH is a real estate company which is part of the Falk Group. Next to the Campus at the former freight yard in Freiburg-Nord described here, the company’s ongoing projects include a new administrative and production building as well as a logistics center in Eschbach.

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